The Value of Art: The Paywall Brand

I’m kinda surprised this is an actual thing. Like Kleenex or Google, Paywall is both a blanket term and product for people to use when monetizing their site. They set up an account, they grab a code to put into their website and BAM! Now visitors encounter a gate: dividing the free and a fee.



I always joke that with i-Anything, gadgets synonymous with Apple require a fee just to Right-Click. Paywalls can get similarly annoying.

I’ve seen my fair share of websites where the minute I started to scroll, a prompt blinked into my view, like:


“Wait a minute! You’ll have to pay for that.”

The Losers

Much like with Newsletters, paywalls seem to be going extinct with the publishing industry. Newspapers continue to have the short end of the stick. Magazines seem to have strategies in constant-shuffle mode. Maybe it’s just me?


The Winners

Film-savvy folk I’ve found, have the most luck with this! Take Youtubers for example. Some artists I’ve found use a paywall-like method: a hybrid between samples and a paid-for product. While a creator posts free videos on their YouTube channel, they’ll upload full versions on their websites. Of course they might require further action on the viewer’s part from there (e.g., paying for membership access to full videos, tutorials, training and physical products to buy).

I am biased though. I’m looking at all this from a consumer standpoint. Paywalls can be a good business strategy when you add balance and flexibility in the mix. I don’t like paywalls as a widget, app or tool in-and-of itself. It just seems to unnecessarily restricting to both parties involved. BUT! Taking bits of a paywall method I think is worth taking note of when monetizing something YOU create.


See my thoughts about applying paywalls on my website!
Work in publishing and/or use paywalls first hand? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave a comment below.

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