Requirements of Change

With the Electoral College vote looming (less than a week away), I’m deviating a bit from my art-centric blogging for a moment. Some of you may know of a petition that’s been going around calling for the EC to reconsider their choice for the US presidency. While I was going to respond normally to a friend of mine on her feelings about the EC petition, I decided to write an article instead to spread our conversation to a wider audience. Food for thought to get people talking. Here we go…


*AN: I am a woman of color, my bias is not lost on me lol. Things happening in my country and actions people are taking, I insist on being sensitive to, because it’s quite honestly life-or-death for me: To act or not to act. Anywhoo, we’ll press on!

The Thing About Petitions

True. Change doesn’t happen over night. But it’s not something to wait around for either. Granted, Letters and signatures alone are not enough. It will take all of us to pull together and organize peacefully. It will also take phones to ring more than once a day. Trump didn’t happen over night either: racism, greed and bigotry had been waiting and paving the way for someone like him for a really long time in this country. This country has also not been a democracy since the day it was taken from the Native Americans.

Play House or Play Politics

The electoral college exists because founders thought citizens (who were mostly white anyhow) too dumb to elect their own leaders (a non-tyranical one). EC votes for our leaders instead. So they’ve been giving us a “Good Job Participation sticker” called the election ever since (a ‘lil bitter. Note my bias up TOP ^^). It is the responsibility of us citizens to hold powers that be accountable for screwing us over and to slowly change this country into a democracy it should’ve been in the first place. (Link below about EC’s Winner-Take-All setup)

Respect & Responsibility

We ourselves must be positively surprising. We must pave the way for our own freedoms and/or peaceful livelihood by our own SMALL actions. If this country called the United States is slowly boiling us citizens, and it is, then we need to slowly adjust our own temperature so that we don’t die. 

This starts with our attitude and how we treat EACH DIFFERENT OTHER. This country runs and money flows by the division, that parts of the government causes (or allows/ignores): divisions among the races, a stupid-a** party system 😅 and systemic corruption (to name too few).

Working Within Means

I cannot drive somewhere to park and march -I’ve no car. But I have a voice, I’ve access to technology, I’m educated and I am resourceful. This petition here is not a be-all-end all, it is a STEP. It is not an instant fix, but it is a STEP! The desired result might be futile but something WILL come of this. Already is. Dr.King marched for Civil Rights and JOBS. If he decided to cancel and stay home at the prospect of failure, my white friends, you and I would have never met or probably even be friends. 

This is a time to do whatever we can to take what we can upon ourselves to make a difference, however small that difference is…

Are we the change that needs to be?

Are we the change that we want to see?

These questions are answered by how we go about our daily lives.

Moving Forward Takes Movement

There’s supposedly gonna be a women’s march after Trump’s inauguration. Sure! Sleezy and dangerous men aren’t just gonna suddenly disappear and all sexual/domestic issues cease, but guess what—those girls and women are still gonna march for the rights to their own bodies and for the respect they deserve. This isn’t just a matter of simple optimism or positivity; this is a matter of patience, necessity and survival. 

To Sacrifice One’s Comforts

The man who started this EC petition, QUIT HIS FULL-TIME JOB, to dedicate himself to this petition full-time. But guess what? He’s connected with support groups since taking this initiative, he’s gathered information and gained much insight, I’ve no doubt, about himself and has empowered people, despite being empowered himself. Even if the EC isn’t swayed by this man’s efforts, I doubt he’s gonna just plain…QUIT everything.

The Value of Defeat

I wrote an article on my website last week about facing failure and rejection, and I said this:

“Change your attitude. Remember, experience is a valuable investment, no matter how many plans fail. With each failure, you build your worth.”

So, what world change do you want to see? What change do you want to see in yourself? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Links to get in the know:

Why the Electoral College Exists

What the Civil Rights Movement Was/Is About

What MLK’s “I Have A Dream” Speech was about

How YOU Can Participate in the Electoral College petition

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Thank you!

~ PennyDoth


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