Even Death Has Her Day

Reposting an old favorite from last year! A happy , safe holiday and good time for all those celebrating! Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

Pen Doth Persist


Make that several days. This past week marked the end of the annual, 3-day-long Mexican celebration of the deceased and ancestors long passed: The Day of the Dead.


Lady of the Dead “The Book of Life”

I remember first learning about this holiday during high-school from one of my Spanish teachers. I was hooked ever since!

Mesoamerican Tradition Meets Catholicism 

I say my teachers taught me, but honestly I’ve forgotten all the history associated with Dia de los Muertos (along with OTHER holidays lol). Let me see…I forgot about the difference between Aztecan cultures versus Incan heritage. Biggie number ONE. I’ll make further distinction just to clarify for those who often confuse one for the other as much as I have: the Aztecs were of Mexico, the Incas were of Pre-Columbian Peru and the Maya heritage came from Guatemala. The ancient trifecta of Southern-American empires, if you will. But…

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