Life Beyond the Grey

Honestly, I’m still quite new to this color game, even if it has been almost a decade now since leaving START. Ever begin to color a picture and then instantly regret it afterwards? My mom shows my 8-year-old self to add a layer of the same crayon color to darken some areas and I realize:

“I got my work cut out for me.”

novel character design - life beyond the grey

Consciousness versus my subconsciousness. I’d argue those are deciding factors between the artist I am now and the 4th-grade me. Even after transitioning to color pencils, I still didn’t know what I was doing. I never thought to think of color schemes ahead of time. I didn’t plan for moods or looks. I just dove in. If I had a Disney coloring book though, I’d know which colors to use for Ariel’s hair and tail. Could you blame me? It didn’t look right otherwise! Little did I know, I was using reference.

I recently had a chat with someone about references. We both had a similar experience, to my surprise: the fear of not being “original”. I used to never use reference because I felt like I was just copying what I saw. Someone else’s work. My problem was trying to reinvent the wheel instead of considering reference research.

Art has many folds. An artist is, among many things depending on who you ask, one who interprets and observes. I am called to look at the world and note the quirks of it I pay attention to the most. My art shows my personality in this way but can also speak to some—maybe even speak for others. I don’t realize this, of course, until someone tells me after the fact. Since I’ve stepped further away from black-and-white and started using colors, my artwork has more to say.

It’s pretty cool. What do you see on a regular basis that few people around you pay attention to?

Wanna try adding some color to your art? Click here for my overview on the Color Wheel! Maybe it’ll help you find a START.

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Thank you!

~ PennyDoth


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