Madame Marie – The Painting

I got word about a contest of sorts for a card deck kickstarter, called Flush Fatale. If selected, spoils of the win included a money prize and being a featured artist in a panel of 52 female illustrators. While not selected, I enjoyed the challenge. Here’s the making of it!


The art style I practiced, once again, is of Ayami Kojima, who’s style fuses elements of Art Deco, horror and other traditional elements.


I started with a rough sketch followed by blocking in shapes for 3 color compositions.


Marie Laveau Portrait Color Compositions
Marie Laveau Portrait Color Compositions

I decided on the following composition to work from. I like the mood in this one. Plus I previously worked on a sort of, aqua-shifted painting, so I wanted to go a completely different route color-wise.

Chosen Color Composition
Chosen Color Composition


The next step was starting my base painting.


Marie Laveau Base Painting in Photoshop
Marie Laveau Base Painting in Photoshop

The Final Version



I originally wasn’t going to do anything with the back wall, but thought the detail would add more to the narrative of Marie’s life and background.

If you’d like to know more of her story, feel free to check out the article I wrote based on this painting about who she was, why I drew her this way and other interesting trivia on My Trending Stories.


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Thank you!

~ PennyDoth


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