Launched My First Website…WUUUT?!

This is old news to some but many of you on WP might be just tuning in. I’m still shocked that this is a real thing when, just a month ago, NONE of this was happening. I saw an opportunity to challenge myself and see where I go, so I gave it a shot!

I decided to create a site dedicated to beginning artists interested in visual storytelling as much as I am. Specifically illustrators and character designers, but generally folks who just recently looked at their sketchbooks, holding their few select pencils and thought “You know what? I wanna do this for real. How?”

Introducing my new site: Novel Character Design

NCD Official Facebook

I remember not having a clue about pursuing “art” professionally. I think I got serious about drawing sometime during high school. I also remember having to fill out “career assessments” and “future goals” sheets just before taking college entrance exams. Where did my interest fit? My parents were supportive enough, but how was I to be taken seriously without establishing my interest to be more than just a “hobby”? It seemed more like a label to be cast aside than something to be proud of. I didn’t know that one of my first steps was to change my mindset.

I also wanted so much for the pre-established system to accommodate my calling of sorts. Maybe I can find a college that caters to what I do. Wait…maybe I’m not ready to go completely out of state yet. Maybe I can find local jobs that fit what I already do. Hey! That place is a print shop. I can use printers! Maybe I can work at a tech store, I like gadgets and I already use gadgets for my art.

Meh…They all might be close. They ain’t no cigar, though.

I learned from these past two years that almost doesn’t count. I don’t mean almost getting the job or getting second place. I don’t even mean getting almost accepted to something else that someone ELSE created for their own purposes.


I’m talking about almost getting off the couch. I got off the couch.

Well…it’s more like I’m now standing and I’m just sorta leaning against the back of the couch. I’m about ta head out of the room in a sec.

Since I started making moves out of my comfort zones, I’m starting to not only see changes in my life but changes in the lives of the people around me. All this has been slow-going, but that’s the beauty of it. Systems, schools and institutions have their pros and their reputations, sure. Not everything is fast, convenient and simultaneously…you. None of those environments prepare folks at how to be self-sufficient much, though —at least not in my neighborhood. It might be different for you.

How can we all do our own thing and still sustain ourselves? Each other even?

These past two years taught me a lot about how I can not only be independent, but that having support is so crucial to doing anything worth aspiring towards. With my website I not only share what I’ve learned as an artist, but I want to direct people to the teachers and resources that helped me on my journey so far. I’m still learning and still growing. It’s fun for me.

Any of this speak to you in some way? Feel free to check out my site! There’s a lot more to come! Feedback and suggestions on future topics doesn’t hurt either. (^o^)/ Or you can just say “hi”.

**COA's, Disclaimers and ETC's**

All mentioned content is purely for entertainment/informative purposes. All links provided for each respective topic are of sites I find trustworthy (a.k.a. safe to browse) with any following content the property of those admins. Any unexpected roads to elsewhere are at the discretion of your own browser/internet provider’s security settings …annnd hopefully a good firewall.

Please pardon me if I am not too accurate with the subjects I post about. I do try my best to stay current and not generalize. Constructive criticism and “Grammar Nazis” are welcome (especially about my artwork ^_^), but no flames …[pretty] PLEASE? If you have anything to add, correct or would like to share any cool topics you’d like me to draw for, feel free to click on the links towards the bottom of each page, or drop me a message here!

Thank you!

~ PennyDoth


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