I have taken on a challenge, once AGAIN! Well…I challenged myself rather. Often I see nothing but representations of the same “popular” pantheons: Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Japanese (this could be my bias though ^^;). I have even seen artists on Instagram depict Hawaiian Gods and Aztecan folklore! Representation of various traditions across world media may be slow going, but at least there’s movement at all. While it’s true that Western pop culture, at least here in the States, has favored the Greco-Roman sphere (then again Anime tends to depict these deities a lot too..and German ones..^^;)…BUT! I decided to try drawing my lil take on some African gods. Let’s go to Nigeria!


Deity Atai of the Efik peoples, Creation Goddess of Discord

**COA's, Disclaimers and ETC's**

All mentioned content is purely for entertainment/informative purposes. All links provided for each respective topic are of sites I find trustworthy (a.k.a. safe to browse) with any following content the property of those admins. Any unexpected roads to elsewhere are at the discretion of your own browser/internet provider’s security settings …annnd hopefully a good firewall.

Please pardon me if I am not too accurate with the subjects I post about. I do try my best to stay current and not generalize. Constructive criticism and “Grammar Nazis” are welcome (especially about my artwork ^_^), but no flames …[pretty] PLEASE? If you have anything to add, correct or would like to share any cool topics you’d like me to draw for, feel free to click on the links towards the bottom of each page, or drop me a message here!

Thank you!

~ PennyDoth


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