My Ode to “Sankoku no Musume”

A spur-of-the-moment decision this was, but one I enjoyed drawing. For those who may not know, this is the renowned Studio Ghibli’s take on a Swedish tale called “Ronja Rövardotter” or Ronia, The Robber’s Daughter. The story is about a sheltered, headstrong little girl who learns about the world around her, to her father’s chagrin, together with his rival’s son Birk. It’s such a sweet tale and I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it until Sankoku no Musume (山賊の娘ローニャ)came out. The animation style is different than Ghibli’s usual take on character design, but they made the story immersive in that way. I highly recommend checking out this series and the films that this studio, along with Director Hayao Miyazaki, produced. Without further ado, some FANART!  \(o^^o)/


Ronja & Birk






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