The Long Awaited Part TWO…Aforementioned ^^

A little ways back I dropped a load of news about my latest art endeavors –art SCHOOL specifically–and also posted a TON of pictures of my first homework assignment since being back in said school. So here’s the latest XD


Started with the Base


Original portrait by Alessandro Longhi
(Uhm..not the football player^_^)

Out of all my newer color comps, I chose the blue. A bit different than the original of course, but I really dug the blue shift.This posh wolf, ladies and gents, came a long way. Quite happy with him actually.


Along Came Many A Tweak





I’m still quite surprised at how this turned out. I’m also still a little in disbelief that I even painted this. Animals are not my forte and I’m also not used to painting this way. It was SUPER challenging and I feel like my mind went through some serious workouts in the creation of this. I’m not even done yet! lol Believe it or not. I can say that I’m 90% finished. There’s not a whole lot left, since most of the ground work is done. But as I go through more of my lessons and the next few months roll along I should be able to add more tweaks as I start working on other stuff.

This was BOOT CAMP for dang sure. (#^^#)ゞ


Supplied photos for animal reference ^^

My Humble Art School – Creative type? Check it out if you’re interested!

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Please pardon me if I am not too accurate with the subjects I post about. I do try my best to stay current and not generalize. Constructive criticism and “Grammar Nazis” are welcome (especially about my artwork ^_^), but no flames …[pretty] PLEASE? If you have anything to add, correct or would like to share any cool topics you’d like me to draw for, feel free to click on the links towards the bottom of each page, or drop me a message here!

Thank you!

~ PennyDoth


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