From Bamboo to Big Leagues!


So, Wacom and I have been buddies for quite some time now. Well…okay not like THAT. My connections aren’t nearly that far reaching. Nevertheless I’ve been an avid user of Wacom drawing tablets since my first Bamboo after high-school. In fact, that’s where all my graduation money went! Fast forward to 8 year s later?


My first Intuos Pro | Wacom


I’m TIRED of cords. Anyone who owns both a smart phone, a PC and or one more additional device can relate. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I mind them much. If I gotta use them, I use ‘em. It’s easy to take cords for granted, so I try to at least take care of my chargers and connectors as if they were the main device themselves. The longevity of accessories play a part in the longevity of the appliance overall. This is also why I finally purchased this baby.

Did i mention i love gadgets?

It’s wireless! My Intuos came with a wireless kit that’s fairly easy to install. But what I’m excited about is how I don’t have to worry about fraying cords over time. Since I use two different computers with two different operating systems (i.e. Windows & Mac OS), I’m constantly going back and forth which wears all of my cords down after a few years. Ironically though, the charging USB cord the tablet comes with I’ve been using quite a bit already. So I’m trying to figure out a good storage method despite frequent use.


Still cool.

The Unexpected


Cool packaging

Granted, of all the “laptop” drawing tablet’s I’ve owned, this one is the most expensive (still affordable though). But I ordered the small, because it’s cheaper. Yes…the picture above is the SMALL one. This tablet is relatively huge compared to the last two “smalls” I’ve owned. I window-shopped the medium, but am actually relieved I went with this one. My computer desk barely has anymore real estate as it is!

I’ll back track a bit.

If you read my post from last week, you may already know that I additionally purchased a monitor tablet recently. It is strictly desktop (i.e. no lap sketching with this heavy thing), and like I said bulky. Tons of cords unlike the Cintiq. I’m still okay with it. What I didn’t expect was the scale of the resolution problem I had on my hands. Long story short: my monitor works perfectly now, but only because my 13”Mac got along with it better than my larger, 1920px PC. My drawing monitor is 1440px. But after I tinkered with my new Wacom, I discovered something that may also have added to my art monitor’s problem.


Conflicting Pen & Touch settings. SHEESH! My Windows PC is also a touch screen. It has its own automatic bells and whistles that activates as it sees fit, so it’ll override the newer Wacom’s Pen & Touch settings. After about 24 hours of head-scratching and acute buyer’s remorse, I stumbled upon a solution ….annnnd promptly thanked God.

If anyone owns a new Wacom that has a Malfunctioning lasso tool suddenly or Photoshop (I use CS5)starts crashing and or slowing your PC down when NOTHING ELSE IS WRONG…chances are your computer’s Pen & Touch settings are in the way. 

Back up everything important and simply turn your PC’s P&T/press-hold-right-click settings off and also the Flicks setting. For me, turning off the Wacom Pen’s Use Windows Ink settings fixed my issue. But this guy cautioned against it: Adam Duff LUCIDPIXUL. His vids are really helpful. Mac users who had this problem found This Solution

But ANYWHOO! (o^^o) I’m super excited about this tablet. It’s been quite a transition, especially with setting up my specific keyboard settings so I don’t even have to use my keyboard for shortcuts, which is pretty neat; making my tablet all the more hands-free…well, more or less.

Final Thoughts

So if I learned anything this week, it’s more proof of the point that tech, if nothing else, tends to be about troubleshooting. My dad often has a hell of a time with electronics and tends to search for alternatives like Indy Jones searching for the Holy Ark.

If anything, Murphys’ Law is almost a guarantee. Me managing all of my wares, I feel is less about making sure nothing goes wrong and more to do with knowing how to manage when EVERYTHING goes wrong. Problem solving. Anymore, hardware and software struggle to catch up with each other. Apple seems to update both every 6 months, if that, while other tech industries struggle to not only stay relevant and but competitive. Sometimes the customer base that such companies are trying to serve end up getting caught in the crossfire. Thus consumers lose patience, among other things.

I think for now, the grind for me as a user and a consumer is to just stay patient and be willing to roll up my sleeves. People, especially older people, feel overwhelmed and ill-prepared almost to the point of complacency. People often have not only less patience with tech or the times for that matter, but anymore they also seem to have less patience with themselves. I think we all on this planet have a learning curve that is more organic and less of a one-shoe-size fits all, contrary to what commerce and pop culture tells at times. I don’t think we’re ever too old or to too young to just live and grow. I may not have all the time in the world, but I have a choice in how I spend it; how I adapt to the changes in the world around me.


Intuos (Japan)

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