Well…It’s no Cintiq—BUT!

Since I first hopped on the digital art train, I’ve been feasting my eyes on some of Japan’s most efficient, awesome, albeit EXPENSIVE, tech. And for a moment I thought I had my chance. I’ve only been wanting a desktop, fully-calibrated, touchscreen drawing tablet for about EVER now.



Baby steps are a prerequisite to many things. This being no exception. I went for the cheaper Chinese brand first. Say hello to Ugee!

Research on this product surprised me more times than I anticipated. Firstly, the cost is very appealing at first glance; about only half a grand or less than the Japanese star of the pen tablet industry [i.e. Cintiqs are about a grand; the solid $1,000—MORE if you want the fancy new releases]. Most profoundly, though, customer reviews stood out the most. Always a good sign. According to a few unboxing user vids and the almighty Amazon gadget forest, affordability, pressure sensitivity and overall solid usability despite being an off brand, give all bawlers on a budget a lot less to cry about. There were one-starred votes, of course, but I proceeded to checkout.


I love bells&Whistles…Even if i won’t use ’em^^

I DID mention baby steps, if you recall. Time and again I hear creators of all kinds (i.e. writers, filmmakers, animators, singers, etc.) talk about the importance of “loving the process.” I’ve heard comedians and traveling musicians talk about loving the entire experience of performing, even if being on the road days on end is the CRAPPIEST part of it. The journey not only makes the experience worthwhile, but it also inspires the creation itself. Keep in mind, I’m considering this, almost making mantra of my own thoughts WHILE struggling with all these cords!


for the record? …very nice packaging

This purchase also taught me that patience is doable. This became very apparent when I forgot to order an adapter for my new VGA-equipped Ugee monitor-tablet to connect to my HDMI-capable PC. I acted fast and still had to wait a week. People talk about different states of patience interchangeably and until this post, I never thought much of it. I still don’t know why though. You might have heard something like the following scenario:

“Be patient.”

“I don’t have patience!…I’m not a patient person.”

I’m aware that it might just be a language thing and not any more complicated than that. But I wonder if questioning which type one prefers will help a person take a proactive approach or take stock of their mindset in general. Take the reins on their circumstances. I feel like being patient can have connotations that are vastly different than possessing patience. I don’t know which is better for all, but being works better for me. I take ownership of my decisions and have less anxiety this way. I want things; I desire bigger things and sometimes end up with even lesser things than previously planned, as this post indicates. I won’t settle forever, but since this is an option I chose temporarily, I will make the best of it.

Final Thoughts!


count d* – dashing in brighter res

Another surprise I forgot to mention was the long distance my product traveled. I imagined the bulky hull being sent from Seattle, WA when to my amazement I see famous capital Hong-Kong typed on the shipping label. Somehow, my research missed that small detail ^^;. And the packaging and design [not that I’m picky about appearances] didn’t look all that dated considering the Ugee company doesn’t seem to be actively producing nowadays. Perhaps it’s because I’m not halfway across the globe, on location?

After all, I don’t want to judge a book by its cover. In many ways the Ugee tablet has a lot going for it, despite its bulkiness. I also think that the pen-to-on-screen cursor matchup being off-center is a quirk I can actually get used to.  Not all user reviews I’ve read agree with me. Others didn’t have this issue with theirs at all. Unfortunately for me, I do. But this is no reason to ship this item back overseas. The pen-to-screen pressure sensitivity is AMAZING. If my brain can adjust to simple gamer’s hand-eye coordination with a wacom tablet, how can I NOT adjust to this minor setback? Only practice will tell.



Ugee (China)

Cintiq (Japan)


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