Throwback Post: User? Loser?

I’ll dish out an old post or two–an old topic even– every once in a long while to rekindle a former conversation, or update some subject matter after quite a number of posts.

So, without further ado…


Mr. Yuck? Meet Blue-Screen-of-death

I am noticing a trend that seems to perpetuate among web developers with each passing year: fusing comedy with user experience.



“A Ghost in the Machine? Or…”


The operative word being “experience.” Eight years ago I never would have imagined my browser telling me “Oops!” as if my broadband going on the fritz is ITS fault. Any bells ringing yet?

How many times has a newsletter subscription expressed sincere apologies to see you “go?” Only-to-request-you-subscribe-again-and-somehow-retaining-your-email-when-you-could’ve-sworn-they-deleted-it?!–IN ANY CASE

Personally, it doesn’t take much to tickle my funny-bone, considering I have the cheesiest sense of humor. A cynic, nevertheless, would have much to say:  Is it planned randomness? How many times has business and commerce not taken something that CEOs think is a trend, only to dish out MORE of it?

Speaking of dishes, Google Co. churns out a new animation, for what is pretty much an online name brand, almost daily. Animated content ranges from holidays, historical figures, current events, you name it. Not surprising.

I mentioned experience earlier. History is a vast and albeit intentionally ambiguous thing at times. Or so it seems. Often I hear common-folk, blue-collars, professors, friends, etcetera (worldwide) say basically the same thing: victors wrote the history books. How about now? Not only does it seem like time is set to fast-forward, but I almost feel like the world as a whole is playing a game of catch-up. Can I, a designer and illustrator, get sick of novelty? Doesn’t novelty even exist anymore when ideas get old so quick? How can people experience anything fully? Can we have or take the time?

So what does this have to do with blue screens and failing web browsers?


“Hello, Stranger?”

The internet sometimes seems like a big snapshot, to me. This very blog is a snapshot of my own self. It’s pretty hard to avoid the BS detector when people can so easily and accessibly put each other and events under a microscope. We, people of varying walks of life, no longer have only our history books to find out what happened in days past. We can simply find out with a CLICK, TAP, or a SWIPE; make it ourselves and more people are aware of that niche of hyperawareness. There’s a freakin’ MARKET on it! I’m a 90-liner who buys, sells, creates for that market and it STILL blows my mind. It’s no wonder that web design, in a nutshell, is getting smarter and more intuitive. Perhaps having conveniently high-speed lifestyles means low-speed attention spans and thinning patience. Google said “Oops,” therefore somebody gets me?

final thoughts

I’m not much of a programmer. But by no means am I an expert. Nor can I speak from professional experience about how much a back-end web developer deals with in a work week. Working knowledge, however, makes me surmise this much: Programmers and web script writers are ENGINEERS in their own right. And they’re psychologists. To a point, yes? These individuals spend HOURS writing code (letters, numbers and other symbols), learning about ritualistic behaviors, empathize hypothetically for not-so-hypothetical scenarios. And they actually love to do it! Whether for money, the challenge, hype, skill or all the above, programmers do what they do willingly. And they know their target audience. If a programmer commands computers to bake pizza, they sell the finished pie to an eager someone already hungry for the next slice.

But what do you think?





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