Throwback Post: Health and Wellness

I’ll dish out an old post or two–an old topic even– every once in a long while to rekindle a former conversation, or update some subject matter after quite a number of posts.

So, without further ado…



Okay. Well… Not literally SPROUTING peanuts.

A close friend of mine brought to my attention that there’s another quick and healthy way to get a solid dose of protein, besides meat. Peanuts! Well “DUH,” right? But I’m not just talkin’ eating your-average-store-bought peanuts from the can. Ever try growing them?

What my friend (including her husband ^^) referred to is really the germination process. When the peanut just starts to sprout. Apparently, setting a handful of peanuts in a ventilated jar, with some water, allows them to sprout. This may be a no-brainer to many, but it was news to me. Growing store-bought peanuts? It makes sense, but it was only after my friend pointed this fact out to me that I realized how much I’ve taken peanuts for granted as a versatile nutrition source. ( Not to mention OTHER foods.)

There’s a catch though. A single sprouted peanut, my friend warned, has a high concentration of protein. Eating more than five of those babies in a single serving can tip your scales a little TOO much. Needless to say, this was too interesting not to investigate further…

[A while later…]

Alright, alright. I realize that there’s WAY more to sprouting than just sticking a bunch of peanuts into a jar. Of course there’s a PROCESS…(sighs) as per usual. According to the authors of website “,” there are several crucial steps to follow to ensure your peanuts turn out right: Storing, soaking, rinsing, draining, air-flow control, greening and monitoring overall cleanliness. 

There are pros and cons, of course. Plus sides? Peanuts love TONS of water: two-thirds water and a third nut to be exact. Downsides? Don’t soak them for TOO long. Soaking times vary depending on the seeds, which is no surprise to me. The same goes for water temperature even. If rinsing means adding moisture to the sprouts, then draining calls for controlling how much moisture the sprouts are exposed to until the next rinse; which will occur a few times a day at a given temperature, depending on the nut type.

Air flow, though. Remember that jar I mentioned earlier? Since sprouts of all kinds need plenty of circulation, my friend in particular, used a cloth to lightly cover the opening of about a 20oz mason jar.


Final conclusions?

Another interesting fact I found out which makes sprouting store-bought peanuts appealing: Nature!


“Mad as a NUT”

Aside from being a super cheap alternative, I’ve come across two distinctions:

1.) fruit seeds want to be ingested but not digested. Therefore they have a sweet host and once swallowed, will enter your system and exit straight out the other side –WHOLE; It’s to travel.

2.) Common store-bought seeds, or legumes, such as peanuts and almonds loathe being ingested; so they’ll digest and release acids, oils, non-nutritional JUNK, giving you all kinds of hell. Well now what? Sprout the nuts! Once the nuts start sprouting, it’ll think it’s a plant, want to be digested and release a bunch of GOOD nutrients in your body. Like healthy protein. That’s one heck of a food chain we live in, huh?

Needless to say, I found this whole concept fascinating, especially since my friend and her husband look for meat alternatives, and work towards overall healthy eating habits. Nothin’ wrong with that.

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