Vodka for a Buck?

The beverage I have cups for and yet still have never tried. FAIL. Let me backtrack. A little less than a year ago my mom and I broach a subject about cool mugs n’ things. One of us mentions copper mugs first and then I proceed to talk about spotting a nice stock of them at a retailer I worked for. Of course I had to get them! Pricey, but worth it. I buy us both one. My mother happily clasps hers and then mentions a cool drink called Moscow Mule and I go “Oooo! What’s that?”


Welcome Holiday Draftiness

Well it’s cold, for one thing. The mug cools fast, but when it’s hot, it’s HAWT! I got my copper mug and assumed I would put a hot beverage in it. Honestly, I ate ice-cream out of mine once or twice. I also wonder if perhaps I committed a faux pas of some sort—But mom did say COLD beverages, so….

A Wee Little History

Appropriately named Vodka Buck, the beverage started in the States thanks to Russian expatriate, Rudolph Kunett, who saw no real future in a country where it already had a bad rep to begin with. So he sold the now iconic Smirnoff to John Martin, the head of Heublein and Brothers. I’m not too sure if Martin’s company was a restaurant chain, bar establishment or both. But in any case, Martin had a dilemma on his hands. How to make a hardy drink, called Vodka, sexy in the United States of the 1940s? Long story short, Martin connected with another man suffering from his similarly unpopular ginger beers, Jack Morgan. So, what did they do? Joined forces. Thus, the Moscow Mule makes its debut.

The advent of the Moscow Mule almost seemed like a shotgun marriage that somehow worked. Nothing official, but nevertheless the Mule made it. Apparently the name is both intentional and random. One source mentioned the “Moscow” refers to the Vodka but other than that, the word “Mule” is just …’because reasons? But how is it made though?


Ginger beer, Vodka, and I’ve seen people add bit of lime. Other people I’ve seen add mint leaves to theirs. After reading about the basic ingredients of this drink, I imagine the extra kick of mint is heavenly. And, well…since my mother and I both love ginger ale AND mints then maybe this drink can be a fun time. Responsibly of course.

Final Thoughts:

Someday soon my procrastination will end and this Mule will be in my hands.

I jest.

But seriously, I’m not a drinker and just assumed that there would be all this science and ways to add the ingredients in a way that doesn’t embarrass the most basic-level barista. HOWEVER, I think my mom and I got this. I mean it’s the holiday season and how can the holidays NOT be a good excuse to try fun new things?




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