Yeller Feller By the Tracks

I FOUND IT! And all it took was a brief browse on Deviant Art.



Garden Dweller

Sometime last year I was working in Pittsburgh and decided to take the bus on a scenic route to my shift for that day. Said route took me a little ways but allowed me equal travelling distance, time-wise. That was all thanks to some train tracks I often crossed along the way. I got off at a routine bus stop and spent the rest of my trip on foot. Making my way towards the tracks I saw something move in my peripheral vision. One glance to my right almost floored me. Flitting about in a quaint herb garden nearby was a tiny ball of powdery yellow. It was ADORABLE. Not just that, but pretty. It was a beautiful morning, although cooler well before noon, the sun was still bright enough to illuminate everything, which made this bird look extremely bright compared to the surrounding environment. It was much too quick to capture a photo and far too rare for my eyes to have my brain register just WHAT it was exactly. I know NOW that it was an American Goldfinch. (Pictures do not do this creature justice)


Apparently the goldfinch I saw was male, according to some research. Males tend to be mostly bright yellow on the top with a patchy, white underbelly and black “crown, “while the females tend to be duller in color with an olive hue. There are winter varieties as well, but given the time of year I first saw one, I’ll say it was probably the summer bird (⌒▽⌒). These birds are flighty too! I was only able to decipher a tiny peep or chirp, but I was so distracted by the fact that I was seeing this critter with my own eyes, that I wasn’t paying attention to whether it made sound at all. THAT and the fact that it seemed only slightly slower than a hummingbird (maybe I was just too dang slow). Given the fact that I noticed this goldfinch in an herb garden, it makes sense that the natural habitats of this bird are orchards, roadsides and backyards.

Final Thoughts

One might say, looking from the outside, that I gained some sort of closure ^_^. I’m just plain happy I got a NAME. The funnier part about my experience was that it was so bright out and the bird flew at an angle just right that the black colors on it looked PURPLE to me. No wonder I was in a trance.



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