Afternoon Tea and Treats

I found a nifty recipe about a week ago when my mother decided to make some lemon pound cake for my dad to take on the road and eat during his truck run. THIS is the kind of treat that’s hard to put down, easily fills you up and leaves you eagerly waiting for the next slice. If you like lemons that is.


Tea Time is my JAM!

I set to work: Got my batter; zesty lemon icing; actual Corn Syrup; some blackberry jam. SHOW TIME!

I got curious though, as with most things, about where the origin of the “pound cake” started at. So I did a little digging. I dug. And I dug. I dug some more. Huh. Not too much came up about lemon cakes specifically. If nothing else, I started to realize increasingly during my research that the origins of confectionery goods in general are sketchy or much too dicey to decipher. I DID however find a bit more info on the pound cake. There are various versions of it too, such as: German, British, Mexican, Venezuelan and Colombian. The one I made leaned towards the American and French styles; both seemed to be at a consensus. Same ingredients. The pound cake I made was a super-downsized version of the original. Vintage somewhere between the 18-19th century, it called for exactly a pound of each ingredient: flour, butter, eggs and sugar. The French style calls the cake “4-Quarts.” Technically if I made this version, the cake would’ve gone stale before I got halfway through finishing. Original Pound was a DANG HUGE cake!

Final Thoughts

Baking is fun when you’re in the mood for it! Fun for ME, anyways. I think it’s funny how often I take snacks for granted. I eat ice cream often but I rarely think about the first person who made it. Sweet Potato Pie is practically a delicacy in my family, but despite my parents and I baking it for years, I never once questioned how the trend got started. One thing I do appreciate though is how comforting it is to make something with my own hands, just to give to somebody else, and seeing them smile because of it.


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Thank you!

~ PennyDoth


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