How Many Months to Get to the Tootsie Roll Crown of the Liberty Statue? Anyone?…Anyone??

Is the Math Legit?! My mother brings to my attention a few days ago that getting from the base of thee lime-green goddess of New York to her crown takes 6 months!! To CLIMB!! WHAAAAWT??!

American. Commercial. and… Chewable?

Yeah I investigated….

Results? Smh…I…Dunno. Perhaps I mistook months to climb with months stuck on the Waiting List? Perhaps I got too caught up in my mom’s excitement about the latest trivia. In any case, it interested ME enough to get some context.

To be fair, planning for the Liberty tour might take months if you reserve on bad timing. At most, the climb takes as many hours as it takes stamina and a tourist’s overall physical wellbeing. From pedestal to crown, there are 377 steps and the only elevator available is pretty much on the floor you start at, including the restrooms (you may wanna save your water for AFTER the show).

The rules, however, are strict concerning the tour itself. A ticket order for the Crown Tour can only hold up to 4 people and only 1 reservation is allowed for each person within a SIX-MONTH period. Basically, powers-that-be reeeally want to make sure everyone has a fair shot. That and the wait is long ^^.

Despite all my reading about this statue, surrounding the anniversary of its arrival from France in the 1880s, I heard most about the designers and engineers, but little about Libertas. Who was SHE? Me, being a mythology nerd, got curious.

Here is what most people know about the Green Woman herself. She is by no means dubbed the “green goddess of New York.” On the contrary, her birth-given name is “Liberty Enlightening the World.” Technically the statue embodies two female figures (the origin story varies, of course): her face is the likeness of sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi’s mother, Charlotte Beysser Bartholdi; and the overall IMAGE is Libertas, the Roman Goddess of Freedom. Okay. So, who’s Libertas, though? She gained her title as Goddess around 238 B.C., and got a temple too. Hmm…couldn’t find much else about her. Mostly, people have paid homage, respects and the like to her as a representation or ideal. Many other deities share this same position of being “nodded” to: Minerva of Wisdom, Mithros of Light and many others. Libertas doesn’t share the sensationalized story of Medusa or the epic origin story of Zeus and Hercules. She seems, to me, to simply embody a social-cultural ideal akin to many other deities. Still interesting, though!

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